Good News Everyone – Futurama Is On Hulu

Good news everyone – Futurama has found a new home for online watching! Starting from Monday, October 16th, you’ll be able to watch every single episode of Futurama (as well as the series’ four movies) on Hulu.

This is great news for anyone looking to watch Futurama online, after the show was controversially removed from Netflix earlier in the year.

Although there are currently no plans for any more new episodes, the show remains extremely popular and lives on through things li

ke the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game and the recent Radiorama podcast episode.

Futurama formed part of a deal signed between Hulu and Fox in July, which involved bringing he network’s animated shows, including Bob’s Burgers and American Dad, to the streaming service. It’s worth noting that Hulu’s deal isn’t exclusive, so there is every chance that Futurama could come to other services in the future.

Futurama will also start playing on the SyFy network this November. Read here for more information.

If you’ve got a Hulu subscription then make sure you keep an eye out for Futurama. If you haven’t got a subscription, then you can get a free trial to Hulu here. NB: This link will only work if you are located in the United States.

It’s great to see the show have a new home online!

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