10 Of The Coolest Futurama Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

"Shut up and take my candy" - get this generation's kids into Futurama at a young age by bribing them with free candy. Good idea.

It’s getting close to Halloween. And that means a few things – outlandish costumes, trick or treaters, and carved pumpkins. Today we are taking a look at the latter. The good news (everyone) for Futurama fans is that there have been some fantastic themed pumpkins carved and/or painted by some seriously skilled people.

Here are ten of the best:

“Shut up and take my candy” – get this generation’s kids into Futurama at a young age by bribing them with free candy. Good idea.

Even Pumpkin Bender likes a bit of nutritious, delicious booze.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

A veritable cornucopia of Futurama pumpkin delights.

All glory to the hypno-pumpkin!

Planet Express – our crew is replaceable, your pumpkin isn’t.

Need a new pumpkin? Why not Zoidberg?!

Although this pumpkin hasn’t been carved, it’s still awesome

Two is better than one

Zoidberg knows what’s up

For good measure, here’s a short time-lapse video of a Bender pumpkin carving:

Have you carved any Futurama pumpkins of your own? If so, leave a comment below with a link to a picture and we will add to the list.

Or you can send a private message to the Bender Quotes Futurama fan page on Facebook.

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